Editor's Note

Having no previous experience with press pins and the whole art of collecting them, working on Pinpoints has become a  very enlightening experience.  It is incredibly exciting to know that I work for one of the most respected and renowned pin collectors in the country.  I have learned a great deal about this business and collecting in general.

As I have been working with the press pins, I have noticed that they certainly can be worth a lot of money.  It was quite  a shock to me when I learned that the 1939 Lou Gehrig pin was valued at around $200,000.  Of course, not every pin is that much, but there are many pins that are worth over $1,000.  To any collector who enjoys sports, press pins can be a very rewarding collectable.  To the person who is looking to start a collection, I would suggest to try press pins and see where that takes you.

Sam Fletcher

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