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2007 San Francisco All-Star Game Press Pin

All-Star Game 78

Location: AT&T Park – San Francisco, CA

Date: 7/10/2007

Score: AL-5, NL-4

MVP: Ichiro Suzuki (OF) –Seattle

Pin Manufacturer: Aminco

The three day All-Star Break is an event full of ritual and tradition that continues to grow exponentially in popularity each year. It is a annual extravaganza in itself beginning with the All-Star Fan Fest followed by the fan-favorite Home Run Derby competition preceding and leading up to the Mid-Summer Classic. Ever since the 2002 All-Star Game debacle that “did not count” because the game in Milwaukee ended in a tie score, the All-Star Game has commandeered much fan-fare deciding which League is awarded home field advantage in the Fall Classic.

The new fangled technologically advanced All-Star press pin is fan-nomenal to say the least. Worth noting is the pin’s clever mechanical movement. The All-Star logo depicts the baseball’s homerun trajectory out of the ballpark and into the San Francisco Bay. There is no denying this pins logo promoted the ever popular Home Run Derby. For it is a awesome spectacle to witness baseballs soaring one after another out of the ballpark and splashing into the San Francisco Bay. Strategically positioned kayakers fend off their own territories like pirates fighting amongst themselves to salvage those coveted commemorative baseball treasures from the icy water.

The All-Star Game will be remembered for the emotions and performances put forth by all the players and the fans.  To have a physical reminder of the game, press pins are issued annually to the media before the game.  These items have become as collectible as World Series pins, Super Bowl pins, or any other press pin.

The All-Star Game has come and gone.  Players have returned from their fishing trips, said their goodbyes to their families, and gotten back to the world of baseball.  The players who played in the All-Star Game have to put away their egos and continue doing what they had been doing the first half of the year, play exceptional baseball and help their team win.

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