Final Four

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In 1974 The NCAA Final Four Basketball Tournament began issuing a press pin. Back then the tournament involved only 25 schools fighting in single elimination for the championship. The tournament began on March 9, 1974 and the championship game was played on March 25.  The tournament was held in Greensboro, North Carolina at the Greensboro Coliseum.  Norm Sloat’s North Carolina State defeated Al McGuire’s Marquette University 76-64. North Carolina State’s David Thompson was named the tournament’s Most Outstanding Player. Every year since 1974 the tournament has issued a Final Four Press Pins to the attending media and selected dignitaries.

Two teams.  Both are striving to be the champions, yet only one can be the victor.  Through the fierce competition, through  the bruised and bloodied bodies, 63 teams are eliminated.  The one who survives reaches the pinnacle of the world of college basketball.  They are undoubtedly the best team in the country, the team that everyone else  looks up to. 

 The Final Four is an event that all sport fans look forward to every year.  It is the most intense and exciting month in the entire year.   March Madness brings along a fervor from fans that borders on lunacy.  Painted bodied, colored wigs, and a sea of balloons illuminate the crowds at these raucous games.  The excitement is so evident that even people that aren't college basketball fans are drawn towards the games.

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