Recollectics Awards Scholarship for Initiative and Community Service

Dan Lovegrove awards the 3rd Recollectics Service Scholarship to Michael Harrington-Howes August 19, 1999.

In addition to managing an ever-growing business, Dan Lovegrove has provided incentive to worthy students with the Recollectics Service Scholarship.

"It  was one of the goals of the business," said Dan, "I had dreamed of creating a service scholarship that could be won by one of my employees."

Michael Harrington-Howes, the scholarship's third recipient received this  award for undertaking the responsibility of planning, coordinating, and executing each phase of a service project of his own design.  Mike's idea was called Hiking For a Cure.  He collected sponsorships for hiking  the Appalachian Trail and raised $6,805 for the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Association. 

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